The Artist's Guide to the L.A. Galaxy

William Brovelli
b. 1967 is a NYC-based visual artist. His work is rooted in Minimalism and Conceptual Art with a specific focus on volition.

Brovelli was raised in Western Massachusetts where he received early formal commercial art training. He relocated to New York in 2007 and is represented by Kim Foster Gallery.
Selected exhibitions

'Drawings Continued' Kim Foster Gallery NYC 2010

'Buypass' (multiple space) exhibition: All Salvation Army locations within the five boroughs of NYC. 2010

'Contemporary Mark Making' Alpan Gallery, Long Island 2009

'Linear Progression' Horse Trader Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2009

'A Book About Death' The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, NYC 2009

'Pan-Demonium' AC Institute [Direct Chapel] NYC 2009 (Corpus Collective)

'Cage/Nam-June/Fluxus' James Cohan Gallery, NYC 2009 (Video MLTVID 4'33"  installation shown as part of a performance by Margaret Leng Tan at James Cohan Gallery in conjunction with Nam June Paik's exhibition "Live Feed: 1972 -1994")

'Postconceptualism' Curated by Mark Cameron Boyd and Fernando Batista, KNEW Gallery (International art affairs),  Washington DC 2009

'Drawing Painting'  Kim Foster Gallery, NYC 2009

'The Urban Experience Mobile exhibit'  Sanlun Yishu, Beijing, China 2009
'Democracy in the Age of Branding'  The Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at Parsons/the New School, NYC 2008 (Corpus Collective)
'REBRANDING ACTS  exhibition'  WOOLOO productions, The Prague Contemporary Art Festival 2008 (Corpus Collective)

'Biological Imperative' Curated by Emma Wilcox, Gallery Aferro, Newark,NJ 2008

'Networked' Curated by Donna Kessinger, Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ2008

'Physical Presence' The Mesa Contemporary Art Center in Mesa,Arizona 2007

'Beaux and Eros' The Peninsula Museum of Art in Belmont California 2007