The Artist's Guide to the L.A. Galaxy

Mindy Kober
1807 Alta Vista, Houston TX 77023

2002  BFA, University of Houston, Houston, Texas
2005  MFA, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Solo Exhibitions:
2002  “All the Liberated Souls”, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas
2003  “Mindy Kober”, Mulcahy Modern, Dallas, Texas
2004  “Current”, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, Michigan
2005  “I’m a Hustler, Baby”, Tjaden Gallery, Ithaca, New York
2008  “Microcosm”, Jung Center, Houston, Texas
2009  “Politics and the Weather”, ArtStorm, Houston, Texas
              “Mindy Kober”, Studio 27.28, Philadelphia, PA
              “Tall Tales”, Pulp, Omaha, Nebraska
              “Systems”, 1305 Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
2010  "Mindy Kober", Slingluff Gallery, Philadelphia

Group Exhibitions:
2002  “Friendly Mart”, Quickspot, Houston, Texas
             “Crime Scene”, University of Houston, Texas
2003  “Doppelgangers”, CSAW, Houston, Texas
              “Stacks”, Oneten Studios, Houston, Texas
               “Through the Wilderness”, CSAW, Houston, Texas
                “Sweet Tooth”, Mixture Gallery, Houston, Texas
2004  “The Gang’s all Here”, Mulcahy Modern, Dallas, Texas
2005  “Pathwinder, Threadwinder”, CSAW, Houston, Texas
2006  “Mulcahy Modern: 2006”, Mulcahy Modern, Dallas, Texas
             “ The Gun Show”, Oneten, Madison, Madison, Wisconsin
2007  “Radical Nautical”, Gallery Lombardi, Austin, Texas
2008  “Paper Dolls”, Pulp, Omaha, Nebraska
             “Houston Area Show”, Blaffer Museum, Houston, Texas
             “Texas Kaos”, Bay 6 Studios, Austin, Texas
             “I’m Watching My Stories”, Gallery Lombardi, Austin, Texas
             “Shall We Begin?”, IAO Projects, Salt Lake City, Utah
2009  “Kentucky National 2009”, Clara Eagle Gallery, Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky
             “Running On Empty”, Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, Athens, Georgia
             “Trees I’ve Known”, Lawrence Percolator Project Space, Lawrence Corporation for the
              Advancement of Visual Arts, Lawrence, Kansas
             “American Race”, Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri
             "FUCKKK KKKAPITALISM", Iao PROJECTS, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Awards, Residencies, and Art Fairs:
2000  Flaxman Memorial Scholarship, University of Houston, Texas
2002  Edmonds Scholarship, University of Houston, Texas
2007  New American Paintings Competition Winner, Western States                                                                     
              DiverseWorks artist residency, Houston, Texas
2009  Five and Ten Art Center Artist Residency, Memphis, Tennessee
             Hunting Art Prize Finalist, Houston, Texas
             Beyond the Border Contemporary International Art Fair, San Diego, CA
             Sunday Soup Art Grant, Incubate, Chicago, and SkyDive, Houston