The Artist's Guide to the L.A. Galaxy

When I was a kid Ghostbusters blew my mind.  I read every book I could on ghosts. There is a fabled Woman in White that haunts the steps descending from the ruins of the old Durand Eastman Zoo in my home town of Rochester.  I used to think I saw her.

At some point I started reading Delueze and Guitarri's 1000 Plateaus and got really into their ideas of becoming.  I read Anathem recently which lead me to reading a bunch of stuff on many-worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.  
The ghosts I draw and paint have something to do with these things and are located somewhere in my memory and feelings.

qi peng haunts Facebook and my inbox from time to time. He visited my studio in the summer of 2009.  I took three sets of photos of him and drew each photograph to exercise each ghost.

Matt Jones, January 2010